McGill Hybrid Racing Team (MHRT) is a student design project that was started at McGill University in 2007. A prototype vehicle was brought to the university of Dartmouth in order to demonstrate hybrid electric technology. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) eventually turned the ideas behind the two first prototype vehicles (McGill and Dartmouth) into an international student competition named Formula Hybrid.

    The goal of the competition is to build a hybrid/electric race car from scratch to compete against other universities. The first vehicles built by McGill and Dartmouth are amongst the first ever hybrid electric race cars ever built. The 2007-2008 Mcgill Teams finished in first place overall at the annual competitions. I was a member/co-captain of the team for several years (see cars on the left) until i graduated in 2011.

    All the vehicles were entirely designed and built by the members of the team. The team and vehicles have received several accolades, including appearing on the discovery channel show: mean green machines, the montreal auto show, appearing on display at the montreal grand prix, etc...