I consider myself a custom designer and machinist although I was academically trained as a Chemical Engineer. I am mostly self taught. I have used my skills learned over the course of my life to perfect new and interesting designs using conventional knowledge.

Everything within this website was created from my imagination or the combined efforts of myself and the client for which the product was designed.

I have over 8000 hours of experience with CAD and FEA software and countless more in terms of machining. I can weld (MIG, ARC and specialized in TIG). I also have a lot of experience with milling machines, lathes and sheet metal forming tools.

Through my work experience gained from volunteering at a body shop when i was younger and with being a part of the McGill Hybrid Racing Team when i was in college, I have been expanding my skills in bodywork, automotive painting, custom fabrication, machining, custom sheet metal work and much more.

This website is only a brief glimpse of some of the projects I have worked on over the past few years during my free time.

I am constantly looking to work and collaborate with companies and individuals who require my skills. If you have an opportunity you think I may be interested in, job or otherwise, or if you would like to send me feedback don’t hesitate to contact me.